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Like any other country in the world, Portugal also has its charms, conquering the people who visit it. Although it is a territorially small country, we found major differences between the North, Center and South, not only for its gastronomy and culture, but also for the lovely landscapes and various towns and monuments that are considered a UNESCO World Heritage. It can be said that Portugal is a small architectural and artistic Museum, has multiple temporal testimonials that marked the past and the present. Like other peoples of the Mediterranean, the Portuguese are a peaceful people, friendly and of course, love to eat.

Portugal is a country strongly Winery, being famous wines of the Douro, Alentejo and Dão. The gastronomy is very rich in variety. The main Portuguese specialities include dry cod dishes with a huge variety of recipes. From the typical dishes, are to highlight the “cozido à portuguesa”, roast suckling pig bairrada style, pork Alentejo, seafood rice, octopus dish “Pólvo à Lagareiro”, a plate of catfish and the original Francesinha. Every part of the country has its typical dishes and wines, the wonderful cheeses, different in flavor and in composition, depending on the area where they were produced. In September, it is time to grape harvest “Vindimas”, a historical tradition that attracts a lot of tourists, as happens, for example, in the Douro region, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. The grapes are then sent to the mills, where it starts the production of various types of wine, allowing the intervention of tourists, trying to crush the berries with the feet.

The traditional Portuguese music is varied and rich, the musical style is best known for the Fado, whose most celebrated interpreter was Amália Rodrigues. Portugal is a country where the sun shines 360 days per year, the magnificent landscape of mountains, beaches of golden sand, where history meet present.