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The south region of Portugal with endless beaches, Rocky landscapes, ancient fortresses. Al Gharb in Arabic means “West”. Arab culture had a great influence on Portugal and especially strongly it is noticeable in the Algarve. This is evident in the architecture of the old villas in the local cuisine and even white chimneys on the rooftops. In the Algarve there is no mega-cities, but that is the charm of this place, largest cities: Portimao, Albufeira, Faro, Tavira. In every town you can walk endlessly on old streets, admiring the old churches, fortresses, everything breathes tranquillity and time as it is stoped and don’t need to go anywhere in a hurry. Smaller, but no less beautiful cities Sagres, Lagos, Loulé, Silves, Olhão. The most developed touristic centre with upscale hotels, restaurants, entertainment is Vilamoura, which means “Vila of the Moors”. The town and its outskirts are very fond of the British, who spend their holidays here, buy property and stay here forever. In Vilamoura comes fishing, there is a spacious Yacht Club.

Common fish and seafood dishes “Caldeirada de peixe”, “Açorda de marisco “, “estufada Perdiz”stewed Partridge. Worth a try are bright and very diverse candies, marzipan cake with cinnamon, cake with almonds and, of course, a cake made from figs and almonds. There are a large variety of sheep’s cheese.