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Azores is one of the pearls in a Portuguese necklace.  The archipelago consists of 9 islands and each of them is interesting and beautiful in its own way.    Corvo Island    Corvo Island is considered the smallest island in the archipelago and is translated as “Raven”.  The central attraction of Corvo Island is two picturesque lakes located in the huge crater of the extinct Caldeira volcano.  The water in the lakes has healing properties, and swimming in it is considered the best cosmetology procedures.    Corvo is often called the “small island with a big heart.”  The inhabitants of Corvo are famous for their crafts and agriculture. In memory of the wonderful days spent in the Azores, be sure to bring a hat made of felt, which is considered one of the elements of the native clothing of the islanders.    Flores Island    Flores Island is considered one of the most beautiful islands of the archipelago.  Its area is small – only 17 kilometers long and 12.5 wide. This tiny island with its magnificent landscapes have a calm walk through the mountains and hills, to the sound of waterfalls, or along the paths along the blue lakes with emerald shores. Visiting this island is at least for the fact that plenty of walking among the pink and lilac bushes hydrangea, which grows a hedge bordering paths.  Be sure to visit the villages of Santa Cruz and Lazhes, founded in the XV century. For lovers of diving, on the island of Flores there is an opportunity to go diving and admire the underwater ocean landscapes teeming with fish.    San Miguel    This largest island is famous for its lagoon Seth Cidadesh, the name of which translates from Portuguese as “Lagoon of seven cities.”  It is located on the crater of the volcano of the same name.  The maximum depth of the lake is 33 meters with a total area of ​​19.3 square meters.  km On the shores of the lake there are agricultural land and green fields. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that one part of it has blue water, and the other is green.  Of course, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon: it’s all about the volcanic origin of these lakes.  But there is a more romantic story, according to which, the blue lake is the tears of the princess, and the green is the tears of the shepherd, her lover, separated from her by the evil king.  According to the legends, the young cried so bitterly on the day of the separation that from tears formed these two beautiful lakes.  Choose for yourself a fabulous version and be sure to come here to see these beauties from the viewing platform of Vishta do Rey.  There is another attraction on the island – these are hot springs, in some of them local restaurants prepare food, which in its essence is a kind of exotic.  Pico    Pico Island has a sad history.  Whalers lived here and there was a plant for processing meat and sperm whale bones.  Now it is a museum and a science center, where they do not kill, but observe and protect these beautiful sea animals.  By the way, the annual migration of these giants passes by Pick, and you can see this spectacle with your own eyes.    Terceira    Terceira Island is famous for its unique volcanic cave.  The Algar do Carvau cave is translated as “coal cave” – it received this name not because of coal, but because of the total darkness in it.  The uniqueness of the “coal cave” is that it is vertical, while all the caves have a horizontal position.  But it is also famous for its depth. Going down 90 meters down you can be at the lake, whose depth is 15 meters.  This natural phenomenon is at least 2,000 years old.