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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, the city of seven hills, great geographical discoveries, large-scale conquests and brave navigators.  Lisbon, like the Phoenix bird, was able to be reborn after an earthquake and restore its former greatness.    Lisbon is considered the best tourist destination in Europe.  For three years now, the popularity of the city has not been lowered.  Over the years, Lisbon has been greatly transformed and its historical center has been almost completely renovated – 90% of the houses have been restored.  Lisbon willingly finances the reconstruction of the city, attracts investors and loyal to foreign businessmen who want to work and create companies in the capital.  Given that tourism does not begin and end on the holiday season, as before, this area is considered the safest for investment.  Where better to start exploring the Portuguese capital?  Many agree that this is Belem – the tower of the Sailors, erected in times of great discoveries.  From now on, this design is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is included in the “7 Wonders of Portugal.”  Here, on the square by the tower, under your feet is a map of great conquests. This can impress even the most biased tourist.  And then you should go to the monastery of Gironimos and the Cathedral of Sé (Sé de Lisboa). The cathedral is located on a raised part near the Alfama district.  Thus, the cathedral towers are visible from different points of the city.    Lisbon is rich in unique attractions: castles, churches, palaces, old parks, and much more!  A large amount of cultural heritage will not make you bored.  Fadu, ginseng and aromatic coffee, this is all – Lisbon.  And also the feast of St. Anthony with fried sardines. You can not pass by!  Due to the huge number of tourists, Lisbon is among the five safest.  Despite the fact that Lisbon is the capital and a lot of attractions, there is another city that is worth a visit!  Sintra is just an hour from Lisbon and it’s a separate world!