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In Portugal, pronounced regional diversity, high mountains and lush forests in the north and in the center contrasts with the arid plains of the south. In general, the climate is temperate throughout the year, with long, hot summers and relatively mild winters, although the temperature and climatic conditions vary depending on the region.

In southern latitudes, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate. The summer months bring with them plenty of sun, allowing you to enjoy the beach in full, the average temperature in Lisbon 28ºC, but sometimes grows much above 30 ° C. Higher temperatures are observed in the interior, especially in the Alentejo, in the north-west coast and in the north-east of the country, caused by the cooling winds from the sea does not allow air to heat up so much. The sea temperature is much higher in the Algarve than on the West Coast.

In Portugal, the winter is mild compared to northern Europe. The average temperature is 10 ° C at Porto and 12 ° C in Lisbon. In the Algarve winter especially moderate, the average temperature of about 15 ° C and rainfall is much less than in the north. In Portugal, most of the precipitation falls between November and March, and is always more intense in the verdant and mountainous areas in the north of the country. Snowfalls are very rare, except in the mountainous areas of the North East and the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountains in the country, which is the only ski resort.