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Who may apply?

Third State citizens involved in an investment activity, either individually or through a company conducting, at least, one of the following operations in national territory for a minimum period of five years:

I) Capital transfer with a value equal to or above 1 million Euros;

II) Creation of, at least, 10 job positions;

III) Acquisition of real estate with a value equal to or above 500 thousand euros or 350 thousand euros (in the zone of the urban reabilitation).

It covers shareholders of companies already set up in Portugal, or in another EU State, with a stable residence in Portugal and with tax obligations fulfilled.


Passport or another valid travelling document;

Proof of legal entry and permanence in national territory;

Proof of health insurance;

Signed application enabling consultation of the Portuguese Criminal Record by SEF;

Criminal Record Certificate from the relevant authority of the applicant’s home country or from any other country where he / she resided for over a year;

As means of evidence of compliance with tax obligations, the applicant shall deliver a declaration proving the absence of debts issued by the Inland Revenue and Customs Authority and by the Social Security.

Requirements on the Investment:


• Performing an investment activity for a minimum period of five years attested by a bona fide declaration signed by the applicant.

Capital transfer with a value

Provide evidence of having invested the minimum amount required, including stocks or shares of companies.

• Declaration of a financial institution authorized to exercise its activity in Portugal certifying: the effective transfer of capital in the amount of not less than € 1 million, to an account demonstrating the investor is the sole or first holder of capital; or, the acquisition of stocks or shares of companies, and

• An up-to-date certificate issued by the Commercial Register, certifying that the applicant holds a share in the capital of a company.

Creation of, at least, 10 job positions

Provide evidence of having created 10 job positions and registered the employees in the Social Security.

An up-to-date certificate issued by the Social Security.

Acquisition of real estate with a value

Provide evidence of having the ownership of real estate property.

Public deed or promissory share-purchase agreement of the property , with a declaration of an authorized financial institution to exercise its activity in Portugal stating the effective transfer of capital to its acquisition or to execute as a down payment of the promise to purchase in equal or superior value of 500 thousand Euros, and

An up-to-date certificate issued by the Real Estate Registry, which must always be, in the case of contract-promise and where legally feasible, the respective register.

Other requirements under General


Applicants must not have been convicted of a crime punishable with deprivation of liberty exceeding one year

Applicants must not be subject of an entry ban in national territory following a removal order from the country

Applicants must not be subject of alerts in the Schengen Information System

Applicants must not be subject of alerts in SEF’s Information Integrated System issued for purposes of non-admission

Family Reunification

The holders of Golden Residence Permit for Investment Activity may apply for family reunification under the provisions of the General Law.