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Secondary education is compulsory for all.  It is believed that 9 years of high school is quite enough to continue receiving a specialty, master a profession and get your “start in life”.  Why is that? After grade 9, the child can choose a vocational course and finish high school, having acquired, in parallel, a profession. Or continue a regular education, choosing a direction to prepare for the university.    Specialization schools.  The specialization of school education begins with a 3-part education.  During this period, schools are divided into:    General education.   As a rule, there are 4 types of in-depth study of the natural, social and social sciences, economics and art.    Technological.   Here they study in depth: architecture, construction, electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, marketing and land management.    Professional.   Here, training is accompanied by practical exercises in the workplace.    Specialized technology.   In these schools, junior managers are already trained.    Duration of studying weekly    Unlike elementary school, the duration of training per week is 30 hours.   What is studied in high school “second cycle”?      Portuguese.  English.  Additional foreign language  Maths.  History and geography of Portugal.  Natural Sciences.  Technological science.  Creative education.    Foreign languages.  Particular attention is paid in Portuguese schools to learning English. The training is further supported by the fact that all films and cartoons, in cinemas and on television all English films are completed with Portuguese subtitles.    Points and enrollment in universities  On the progress over the two cycles depends on whether your child can go to the university.  He may not have enough a few points that were “underpaid” still, for example, in the 7th grade, so as not to be enrolled in the university.  In the 12th grade, the so-called “GOSy” are held, according to the results of which they are enrolled in the state university.