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Green wine and famous port wine are the gifts of the Douro River.    Ancient estates, cozy picturesque cities, palaces, vineyards, everything here is imbued with the spirit of a past era, which left for itself this piece of land – the north of Portugal.  Some believe that Porto gave the name of Portugal.    Now this huge city built on the hills has received its rebirth.  His old houses are being restored, he finds a new architectural style.  Despite its age, the city is not old! Here beats the country’s business pulse.  Porto has a favorable location, it is equally attractive to both Spanish investors and English.  Here the field of real estate and hotel business is developing dynamically.  Porto is attractive for tourists not only wine tours, but also the history of the city itself, its attractions.  Cultural value of the city  Porto is a World Heritage city where you can visit the Sé Cathedral or the Church of St. Francis (Igreja de São Francisco).  Also interesting will be the House of Music and Museu de Seralves (Museu de Serralves). And of course, you should visit the unique library of Lello, as if created by storytellers, which breathes the magic of the famous Harry Potter.  In Porto, be sure to walk along the Ribeira embankment and the Luis Bridge!  Look into the wine cellars to taste this vintage port wine.  The north of Portugal is an ancient city of extraordinary beauty, in which much has been preserved since the days of the Crusaders.    Guimaraes.  (Guimarães)    The first capital of Portugal, a city that did not leave anyone indifferent, even an inveterate tourist traveler.  The well-preserved city center gives a complete picture of life in the Middle Ages. Here everything is filled with antiquity, but not decrepit and abandoned, but rather well-groomed.  The city dwellers love their city so much, treat its architectural monuments so carefully that in 2013 it was declared the cultural capital of Europe.    Vila Nova de Gaia    Be sure to visit, simply because it is here that produce the same port.  To get to the city is very easy; you need to cross the river across the bridge in Porto itself.  On both sides you can see the port and Gaia almost from a bird’s eye view.  Old, with multi-colored houses overlooking the river, modern at the same time, the city of Vila Nova de Gaia is comfortable for business and living.    Braga    Traditionally considered the religious center of Portugal.  The city center actually consists of churches, cathedrals and theological seminaries.  Here the most spectacular church holidays take place and here is the unique in architecture of the Bom Jesus Church.  This religious shrine is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a structure.  But to see how the monks lived in the Middle Ages can be if you visit the monastery of Tibaesh, where they saved everything that accompanied the lives of the monks of 15-16 centuries.